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The Billboard-Sized Fap Experience

billboard fap accidental sexy pr0n sexy times fail nation - 8278877184
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That Answers That FAIL

ads billboard juxtaposition wtf - 5699776256
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Education at Work FAIL

billboard irony spelling - 7122272768
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Billboard FAIL

billboard sign Cats innuendo if you know what i mean best of week Hall of Fame - 6663133952
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What is This, an Ad for Mutants?

advertisement fashion billboard - 7267837952
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I Wouldn't Lick That FAIL

billboard christmas FAIL Gifts For Your Friends on The Naughty List fail nation innuendo signs - 5570445568

Too Much Defiance FAIL

billboard irony McDonald's - 5751591424
Created by nicolev

Innuendo Juxtaposition FAIL

billboard innuendo juxtaposition p33n religion - 5545867520
Created by Brittany

D To D

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Switching it up FAIL

billboard Professional At Work upside down - 6074238976
Created by santybm

Just Like Schwarzenegger FAIL

jesus billboard wtf wat - 6837630208
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Billboard Crash FAIL

sign billboard crash - 6897645312
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Agreeable Sign FAIL

billboard fap - 6184135424
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What Is It That You Do Again?

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Advertising is a Bit Like Real Estate: Location

advertising billboard graveyard irony morbid - 7456806656
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Appropriateness FAIL

billboard funny signs - 6376034304
Created by Unknown
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