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The Billboard-Sized Fap Experience

billboard fap accidental sexy pr0n sexy times fail nation - 8278877184
Via Acid Cow

So You Like to Eat, Do Ya Fatass? FAIL

billboard McDonald's - 6191582464
By Unknown

That Answers That FAIL

ads billboard juxtaposition wtf - 5699776256
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D To D

Via imann3

Somehow That Doesn't Sound Like it Will Solve the Problem...

advertisement billboard relationships divorce - 7187554048
By Unknown

Yellow Smoothie FAIL

billboard food gross missing letters - 5927556864
By kippy007

Appropriateness FAIL

billboard funny signs - 6376034304
By Unknown

Authentic Mexican FAIL

billboard food sign taco bell - 6580559360
By mortemer

Extra Leg FAIL

billboard whoops gym workout accidental sexy - 6844166656
By Unknown

Faith In Yourself FAIL

billboard Hall of Fame politics - 5411969280
By Unknown

Tough Choices FAIL

sign billboard ironic juxtaposition - 6824465664
By Unknown

Too Much Defiance FAIL

billboard irony McDonald's - 5751591424
By nicolev

Billboard FAIL

advertisement billboard crash bsod fail nation g rated - 6852125696
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Juxtaposition FAIL

billboard juxtaposition parenting - 6568896512
By Unknown

Reacting to Your Fanbase FAIL

Music billboard justin bieber gross fans - 6653898752
By Unknown

Model Choice FAIL

sign billboard racism racist coca cola - 6767255808
By Unknown
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