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Classic: Bonus Points for the Flip

ouch bicycle gifs bike fail nation - 8130138624
bike funny Video fail nation g rated - 52906753

This Was Almost a Bike Trick

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Why Would You Do That FAIL

animated best of week bike gifs Hall of Fame ouch right in the crotch - 6613825792
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Extreme Locomotion

skateboarding exercise bike - 8402721024
Via Brown Cardigan

That's Right, No One Will Steal This Bike Lock!

lock facepalm bike fail nation g rated - 8378552832
Created by beernbiccies

Better Wear a Helmet FAIL

bicycle bike gifs injury - 6161946368
Via Reddit

When You Run Into Another Successful Person and You Both Lose

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Beware of Moving Vehicles

ouch gifs crash bike - 8392259840
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Wait For It bike Video traffic fail nation - 63733761

California is About to Instate New Bicycle Traffic Laws. Here's What Things Might Start to Look Like.

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ouch bicycle kids bike Video - 64800001

Gabe's Bicycle Jump is a Disaster, but This Kid's Commentary Makes it the Best

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Leave Biking to the Professionals. Trust Us, It's Better That Way.

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whoops crash bike Video fail nation - 67257857

Crash of the Day: Bicyclist and Deer Collide on Camera

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Next Time Pull Over, THEN Fix Your Wardrobe Malfunction

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Listen to Your Mom and Wear a Helmet FAIL

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Mind the Gap FAIL

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ouch FAIL jump GoPro bike Video - 74118401

The Moment You Remember that it's RedBull that Gives You Wings, Not GoPro

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