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You'd Never Believe Why the State of Florida Wants to Buy This Building

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As They Are Wont to Do

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I Know an Entire Committee That Could Use These Services

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Watch the Smooth Operator Jeff Bagwell Grab His Girlfriend's Boob During Astros Game

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Priorities Indeed...

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Look Closely, and You Can See This Commercial Makes a Very Silly Cleavage Edit

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Freshly Squeezed FAIL

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Grandma's Modeling Job FAIL

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The Weather Forecaster Got Bored Again!

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Stahp, What Has the Internet Done to Us?

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Wear it Loud and Proud

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Don't Mind Us, We're Just Creeping FAIL

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I Love Purple Fedoras

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FAIL Nation: Photo Placement FAIL

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By Dana

That Doesn't Seem Relevant to the News at Hand...

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Reading the Newspaper FAIL

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