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Classic: A Day at the Beach Gone Wrong

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FAIL Nation: Boogie Board FAIL

GIF - Total fail on the boogie board

Watching Your Step FAIL

beach bikini speedo tripping - 6128161792
By Unknown

Passing Out at the Beach: Even More Dangerous Than Your Buddy's Couch

summer beach prank - 8274042880
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This One Will Not be Making it to Pinterest

Nailed it pic of yoga fail, how it looked on Pinterest VS how it actually looks
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videos beach airplane - 72733953

Blue Angel Jet Does a Low Flyby and Sends Beach Umbrellas Flying

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A Day at the Beach Goes South

ouch birds gross beach - 8032187136
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What's it Like to Eat a Sand Pie?

ouch gifs beach surfing - 8070854144
By Unknown

The Handstand Contest Had No Winner, but We Know Who Lost

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Buried in Sand FAIL

beach dogs poop - 6472516352
By Unknown
Babies beach parenting - 81259777

This Little Tike Was Ready for the Beach, But Nobody Warned Her About the Waves

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Time to Put Away the Phone, Kid

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Engrish Funny: Much Easier Than Other Forks

engrish funny engrish inflatable beach - 6633113088
By Andrea
beach england FAIL instagram summer seagull - 136966

A Seagull with a Sweet Tooth Ruined What Was a Perfect Instagram Shot

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Now Might Not be the Time For Unicycle Practice

storm unicycle beach - 7048204032
By Unknown

Impressing The Ladies FAIL

ouch gifs beach - 6956637184
By Unknown
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