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Walking On The President FAIL

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These Commemorative Cups for the England World Cup Team Added in a Special Extra Player

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Trump Calls Obama To Talk Black History Month In Conan O'Brien's Latest Politically-Fueled Skit

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President Obama Interrupted the End of The Price is Right to Televise a Speech, and POTUS Payed a Price on Twitter

social media fail POTUS interrupts ending of Price is Right and pays a price on Twitter
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This News Pundit Has a Pretty Awkward Way to Describe the Barack Obama's Speech Style

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Yeah, Make Sure to Get Your Crazy Theories About Obama Right!

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Irrefutable Logic FAIL

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What's His Name Again?

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Did We Get a New President?

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More Than a Few People Were Fooled by This Obama Impersonator

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An Actual Photogrpah From One of South Korea's Biggest News Agencies

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Google It, The Results Will Barack Him Up

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We've All Been There: The Son of a Secret Service Agent Gloriously Faceplants on the President's Couch

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The Boston Herald Ran This Political Cartoon With... Slightly Troubling Undertones

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Here's the Leaked Footage of President Obama Looking Like a Total Dorkatron While Working Out

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The President Commits a Serious Chipotle Faux Pas

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