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Not a Great Way to Start Your Day

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Having a Bad Day? Maybe Not as Bad of a Day as This Guy's.

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This is What a Bad Day Looks Like in Russia

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Nope, Not Going to be a Good Day

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Your Day Cannot Possibly be Worse Than This Tractor Owner

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This Guy is One Sorry Bloke

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This Kayaker Gets Taken for a Ride... by an 11-Foot Hammerhead

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Those Real Ingredients Are Going to be Hell to Clean Up

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Throw it All Out, Time for a New Door. Or Life.

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Cheer Up!

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After You See This, You Know Your Day Isn't Going to Get Any Better

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It's Going to be One of Those Days, Huh?

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The Look Says it All

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This Was Supposed to Be a Cool Music Video Shoot, Then FIRE Happened

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This Guy Isn't Going to Have a Good Day

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