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Working With The Enemy FAIL

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You'll Need Special Drivers for Mac Support, Sorry!

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Backlash of the Day: People Thought the Apple Pencil was Pretty Dumb

The Internet made fun of the Apple Pencil hard.
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That's the New Apple Logo, Right?

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Something Tells Me This isn't the Cross-Promotional Branding They Were Going For

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Faith In Your Product FAIL

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Oh Hey, an Apple Roast!

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It Smells Like Rampant Commercialism

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iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 3, Whatever. Can We Just Figure Out if They Blend or Not?

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Do As Trump Says, Not As Trump Does

funny fail image Donal Trump tweets Apple boycott from iphone
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The Future is Now, But Jeb Bush Doesn't Know How to Use His iWatch

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trolls on 4chan give bad advice on iphones

4chan is at It Again With Their Trolling of iPhone Users

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It's Bootcamp, I Swear!

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That Thing Has a Touchscreen Case?

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Portability FAIL

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Jimmy Kimmel Shows Us That Apple Thinks Their Products Are All “Amazing"

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