4chan is at It Again With Their Trolling of iPhone Users

Another year, another small iPhone update touted as "revolutionary" and "life-changing." Pssshhh. 4chan knows better than that. Time to "cook" up another scheme to reel in another "wave" of gullible iPhone users.

trolls on 4chan give bad advice on iphones
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The Internet made fun of the Apple Pencil hard.
Via Apple
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Yesterday, Apple had one of its events which makes you spend the next few hours madly adjusting your spending expectations for the year. There, they announced the Apple Pencil.

It's a neat little thing, but it's also a total stylus with a fancy name and a $100 price tag.

So, the Internet had at it.

There were also a lot of the jokes you would completely expect, but still welcome.

And then there was the Apple Pencil Pro:

But the troll of all trolls came from America's diner and weird Twitter participant — Denny's.