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caught amazon FAIL Video thief - 81860353

This Amazon Driver Got Busted Stealing Wallet Right Out of a Purse (As If Your Prime Membership Wasn't Enough Already)

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Chucklesome Memes To Keep The Endorphins Flowing

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Reliable Service FAIL

amazon dude parts Things That Are Doing It - 6838381568
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Price Reduction FAIL

amazon marketing sale thats-racist - 5473324544
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Super Absorbent FAIL

shoes amazon shopping tampons - 6881424640
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When Will This Packaging Madness Stop?

packaging amazon - 7059376128
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This TV Mount Really Has it All

amazon product review funny - 7802551808
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2% of the Population is Completely Stupid FAIL

amazon news - 6461823232
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amazon FAIL kids technology Video - 84497409

Watch This Amazon Echo Go Rogue and Educate Adorable Kid on 'Anal Dildos'

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weird amazon reviews

17 Amazon Reviews That Will Make You Wary of Online Shopping

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At Least They're Warning You FAIL

amazon juxtaposition product fail - 5675610368
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tifu guy falls from abandoned building

Sometimes You Have to Learn a Lesson the Spider-Man Way

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You'll Need Special Drivers for Mac Support, Sorry!

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amazon FAIL size - 8812162048
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Probably Bad News: She Must be a Prime Member

amazon Probably bad News Professional At Work - 5764241664
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We Live in a World With "Fart Dampeners," and This is the Result

amazon whoops farts what product review funny - 7515897856
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