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alligator whoops bad idea truck Video - 71272193

Fail of the Day: Guy in Truck Taunts Gator, Truck Becomes Gator Food

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nature alligator no thanks Video - 73049089

Mother Nature Has Gone Too Far, This Alligator Can Climb Fences

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news alligator Probably bad News Video - 59777025

This Woman Attempted to Befriend a Gator. Guess How Well That Went.

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Jurassic Park is in Florida, if This Huge Roaming Gator is Any Indication


Course Hazard FAIL

alligator sports golf - 7401208576
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Be Careful Around the Guy With His Hand in an Animal's Mouth

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Might Want to Take a Mulligan on That Shot

alligator sports golf fail nation - 8036633088
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Time to Find an Alternate Route

warning sign alligator dangerous fail nation g rated - 6998048768
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I Can't Put My Finger on Why, But This isn't A Good Idea

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alligator work florida security camera Video animals - 79433985

Finally, Footage of Florida Man Throwing an Alligator into a Drive-Thru Window

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Homeless Florida Woman Pulls Alligator Out Of Yoga Pants During Routine Traffic Stop

Thank You Florida, Now For Something Completely Different: An Alligator in Yoga Pants

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Alligator Transportation FAIL

alligator animals dangerous wtf - 5782778880
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alligator reaction Video animals - 76125185

This Woman's Reaction to Holding a Baby Alligator Will Give You New Ways to Express Your Trust Issues

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alligator Video selfie fail nation - 62062593

Dang Gators, Always Ruining My Selfies!

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news alligator FAIL live tv Video animals - 82414593

Giving a Live Alligator to a News Anchor Was Only Going to End in One Or Both Freaking Out

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Swimming is Made Safer With the Buddy System

alligator oh god why - 8211448576
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