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How Not to Tap the Keg

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Spoilers: You Are the Bacon

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Probably Bad News: Monkey Party!

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A Douche Gets What a Douche Deserves

gifs motorcycle ouch after 12 g rated - 8224887552
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Walking Uphill Is Tough When You're Drunk

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Covert Drug Use FAIL

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Nancy Grace Gets Her Views on Marijuana Destroyed, but Just Won't Stop

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The Mattress Will Protect Me From This Frozen Disaster!

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Prepping For a Cooking Show or a Quick Bump, It's All on TV Now

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This Guy Will Have a Story the Rest of His Life

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after 12 FAIL drunk uber - 77714433

Doctor Feels the Sting of Social Media Hate After Drunkenly Attacking an Uber Driver

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The Cameras Can and Will Catch Your Worst Moments

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This is Definitely the Wrong Way to Clear Ice From Your Windows in the Winter

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