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Something Seems to be Missing From the International Promotion for "12 Years a Slave"

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Unfortunate Juxtaposition FAIL

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Fail of the Day: Krispy Kreme Promotes ‘KKK Wednesday’ on Facebook

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Sign Wording FAIL

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Marketing FAIL

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Engrish Funny: Come on, Really?

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This Local LA Newspaper Could Not Have Found a Tackier Headline for the Oscars

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Is That Really the Most Pertinent Information?

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The Only Swan That Needs Sensitivity Training

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Suddenly the Book Takes On a Whole New Meaning...

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What Are You Getting at, Sign?

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Netflix Needs Some Sensitivity Training

whoops accidental racism netflix fail nation - 8436147712
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Controversy of the Day: Hallmark Recalls Gift Wrap with Swastikas

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Pro Tip: Don't Invoke the KKK When Cheering on Your School's Sports Team

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About That Cookie Placement

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You Might Not See Your Kids After This Workshop

whoops accidental racism - 8414877952
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