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Maybe We Should Try Wales FAIL

Professional At Work signs UK - 5679170560
By Becky (Via

One Road Painter's Misspelling is Another Man's Opportunity For a Bird Joke

funny fail image misspelled road sign leads to bird joke
Via @DrMuttley

Congrats on the Most Improbable Parking Spot

funny fail image car ends up in most impossible spot
Via @Bucksfire

A Typo Might Be the Only Thing Separating You From Chores and a Jail Sentence

funny social media fail weather and chores typo
Via @Failbook
swearing road rage driving compilation UK Video - 78507009

The Sweet Sounds of British Road Rage

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sexism security job list UK tweet police - 1002501

This Manchester Police Tweet is Baffling and Twitter is Having None of It

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FAIL driving UK laughing Video - 271879

Learning How to Drive is Hard, Good Thing You Can't Hear the Car Behind You Taking the Piss Out of You Over it

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selfie stick FAIL selfie UK world record Video win - 78454017

British Guy Makes His Own Giant Floppy Selfie Stick and Takes the Worst Selfie With It

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CNN Think Scotland is Giving it 110% on Their Independence Vote

On-Air Blooper news whoops cnn scotland UK - 8322373632
Via burninggoats
sex twitter list embarrassing UK - 960773

This Cheating Bloke Got His Lack of Stamina Put on Blast and Twitter Twitter Pipes In

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Are You a Bottom or a Top? Asking For a Parking Lot

funny fail image UK Fiat parked on top of another car
Via @AlfieMoore

Only in British Geography...

england geography UK funny fail nation - 7511199488
By Unknown
Man tries to install his kettle's wifi

The Future is Being Able to Live-Tweet an 11-Hour Struggle of Getting Your Kettle onto Your WiFi

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Would Have Been Too Much Had They Used PedoBear

FAIL innuendo headline bbc UK - 8818013184
Via thekiriad
america UK reaction Video - 71246081

UK Citizens Get a Taste of 'Merica While Watching a Documentary About a Man With a Giant Nutsack

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twitter FAIL reactions UK funny - 1197829

UK Government Tweets Celebratory Photo of Wrong Bridge, and Twitter Is Having a Trolling Field Day

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