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Nice GTA Impression

news Grand Theft Auto Probably bad News thief - 7020524032
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Probably Bad News: I Knew We Forgot Something

Charged With Stupidity Grand Theft Auto Probably bad News stupid criminals theft - 5472127488
ouch news cars Grand Theft Auto Video fail nation - 69076225

This Would-be Car Robber Accidentally Armed Himself With a Boomerang Brick

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Criminally Dumb Criminal Grand Theft Auto Video thief - 64816129

This Guy Pulled a Carjacking at a Valet and it Looks Straight Out of GTA

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purse FAIL public transportation Grand Theft Auto bus win - 75087105

After One Rider Tries to Steal Another's Purse, This Bus Driver Delivers Some Justice

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FAIL facebook Grand Theft Auto Video - 75834369

So This is How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views

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China cars Grand Theft Auto Video police - 69313537

Grand Theft Auto: Awkward in Beijing Edition

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FAIL police Grand Theft Auto Video twitter - 488196

Finally a Fugitive Gives a Grand Theft Auto Move a Try

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I Do The Same Thing When I Rollerskate FAIL

gifs Grand Theft Auto video games - 5435913728
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