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Think of the Dog Next Time You Stage a Dumb Photo Op

think of the dog next time you stage a dumb photo op
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Perl Horber, Neber Forgit

image signs fail Perl Horber, Neber Forgit
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FAIL funny win there I fixed it - 78073857

Strapping a Pulse Jet to a Drift Trike is Equal Parts Dangerous and Fun

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These Prices Are Clarence Low

FAIL signs spelling - 8818337280
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FAIL racism politics racist retail - 83827201

Watch This Woman Go On a Crazy Racist Rant In a Clip From Retail Hell Itself

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VW, This Cheat Might Be a Little Too Obvious

FAIL cars - 8571621376
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Don't Froget How to Spell, Either

dont froget how to spell either
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Not a Big Fan of Thinking Things Through, Huh?

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This is Easily the Classiest Way to Respond to a Wrong Text Birth Announcement

win image wrong text birth announcement ends with surprise gifts
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Crazy Russians and Their Own Language

comments language youtube FAIL - 5741380096
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chair FAIL food classic Video - 78341121

This is Why Merry-Go-Rounds Don't Have a Buffet

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A Real Sole Skater

shoes FAIL DIY skating there I fixed it - 8814510848
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ride FAIL parenting reaction Video roller coaster - 77975809

Your First Ride Can Be a Real Roller Coaster of Emotions

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Mixup of the Day: The Golden Globes Didn't Know the Difference Between America Ferrera and Gina Rodríguez

The Golden Globes Didn't Know the Difference Between America Ferrera and Gina Rodríguez
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ouch FAIL compilation broken Video - 78434817

If It Ain't Broke, It Is Now

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FAIL funny Video - 84384257

Watch Vin Diesel Shamelessly Hit on Brazilian Reporter in What Might Be One of the Thirstiest Interviews of All Time

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