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China cars Grand Theft Auto Video police - 69313537

Grand Theft Auto: Awkward in Beijing Edition

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Work-Around FAIL

China highway - 6813207552
Via The Mirror

I Thought WTF Came From Japan?

acronym China Japan Professional At Work - 5527341568
Created by Unknown

Never Trust a Knockoff Dress

Via Elite Daily

The Last Newspaper Should Say "BATMAN"

Via Farisr9k

Slightly More Addictive FAIL

China knock off video games - 5520733440
Created by Imam Baksh
hilarious FAIL China moon Balloons festival Video - 578564

Orbit The Town is Really Sad About This

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ads of a dystopian future as wake up call in China

Advertisement of the Day: This Subway Ad Looks Like Something Out of Mad Max

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explosion China aquarium Video wat - 46153729

A Live Shark Tank in a Chinese Mall, What Could Go Wrong?

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This is Why I Give My Dudes Maximum Luck in Fallout

yikes gifs China close call bus - 7185412608
Created by Unknown

Must Be A Really Big Department Store FAIL

China confusing geography signs wtf - 5437053696
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Made in China FAIL

AMERRICA China fail nation geography g rated product fail - 5647750656
Created by ellie

Made in china FAIL

engrish China made in china spelling - 6746913536
Created by RazorSharp9 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
China trains funny Video fail nation g rated - 52814337

Rush Hour at a Beijing Train Station is a Sight to Behold

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China fence highway Video - 39698177

Chinese Road Fence FAIL

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China dangerous fireworks Video fail nation - 58677761

In China the Fireworks Don't Just Fly Into the Sky, They Fly AT YOU in This Insane Festival

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