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In the Most Canadian News Story Ever, a Driver Runs Into a Restaurant, Buys a Round of Wings on the House to Apologize

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Canada FAIL snow cars driving Video - 83985409

Snowy Montreal Traffic is Getting Plowed (in the Worst Way Possible)

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Well This Stinks

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Sports FAILure: Why Not Name A Baseball Team After A Serial Killer?

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Canada FAIL funny Video - 175366

No Video Will Ever Be More Canadian Than This Moose Licking Salt off a Canadian's Snowy Car

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The Canadian Government is Very Concerned About Your Lack of D

funny fail image Canadian vitamin campaign wants to make sure you're getting enough D
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You Brought This on Yourself, Canadians

Canada warning sign hockey - 8409570304
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Canada On-Air Blooper prank Video - 69332737

News Blooper of the Day: Guy Says FHRITP on Live Canadian News

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That's Kind of Offensive, Eh?

gender Canada survey - 7102418176
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Funny meme involving a candid photo of Donald and Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau, resembling the 'Distracted Boyfriend' meme

'Melania Loves Trudeau' Is Giving Us Major 'Distracted Boyfriend' Vibes

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Canada snake - 62136065

Just in Case You Thought Australia Had the Monopoly on Terrifying Animals, Here's 10,000 Snakes in a Pit in Canada

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Canada sports hockey Video - 84587009

Bros Go Skeet Shooting with Their Hockey Sticks and It's the Most Canadian Thing Ever

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There is No Event More Canadian Than This

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Canada driving FAIL marathon Video - 83212033

That Moment You Realize Why There is No Traffic On a Road...

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Canada FAIL zoo tiger Video - 79550209

Which Was a Worse: Jumping the Barrier at a Tiger Pen or Shouting 'You're a Moron' Between Two Adults Afterwards?

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One Very Scared Cab Driver Mistakes a Bear for a Different Kind of Fuzzy Beast

Canada news bears Probably bad News - 8110147584
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