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tweets about roommates

Girl Shares Nightmare Situation With Her Roommate On Twitter

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This Kills the Martial Artist

accidental sexy Awkward martial arts - 8368627712
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Don't Mind Me, Sister...

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Date flips out when she realizes that she has to pay for her own food | Hey, wann go out tonight? After did last time expect go out with again? Wow have done??9 made pay my own food and drink while paid only yours wtf

Date Has To Pay For Her Own Food, Flips Out

What a mess of a situation.
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Showing Your Pride FAIL

Awkward flag racist - 6568496896
By Unknown

This Bathroom is No Place for Small Talk

Awkward bathroom funny - 7623103232
By Unknown
Kids with Karens as parents describe their experiences | RonSwansonsOldMan 1d My mom and grandma were both Karens. As kid, going out eat with them embarrassing ice cream too cold and coffee too hot. Reply

Kids Of Karens Describe Their Experiences

Got to be tough.
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Awkward bathroom toilet Video - 70664449

Things Get Hilariously Awkward When a Blue-Blooded American Tries a Bidet for the First Time

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Jeopardy game show Awkward g rated fail nation cringe - 59807489

A "Jeopardy!" Contestant Makes Things Super Awkward for Alex Trebek

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The Lanky Gamer in Their Natural Habitat

Awkward - 8316982016
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Santa is Expecting a Present This Year...

accidental sexy Awkward santa fail nation - 8381747456
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Hit the Ball Where it Lies!

sports golf Awkward fail nation g rated - 8420452352
By beernbiccies
Video Awkward radio best of week Hall of Fame - 43308033

Missing the Point FAIL

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This Procession Just Got Awkward

whoops hearse Awkward coffin funny - 7421527552
By Unknown
cringe dating

Coffee Shop Creeper Texts Barely Legal Barista and It's an Awkward Exchange

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Employee gets a translator fired for them insisting on being difficult. | r/ProRevenge Join u/ROKexpat 1d got our translator fired working job had operating one our offices overseas would have business expenses, and those receipts would be language country were obviously. Those expenses were things like printer ink, office equipment, cleaning services, marketing costs, all pretty standard stuff. Well around this time got new VP over our region who worked out head office LA. This VP came up with

Employee Gets Karen Translator Fired For Being Difficult

Sweet, sweet justice.
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