I Know You Are, You Said You Are

fart zombie apocalypse zombie - 6593267456
Created by DaFaireh


nice try status updates technology wait wut zombie - 4031365120
Created by RockyRock

People Will Believe Anything With a Convincing URL

fake ebola hoax zombie failbook g rated - 8336343296
Via hornyzucchini

Too Much TV Makes us Zombies

g rated television tumblr The Walking Dead zombie - 6026021120
Created by Kami

One Feasts on Brains, the Other Feasts on Likes

like zombie - 6128694272
Via Bizarro

Colin Asks the Tough Questions

potato chips zombie failbook g rated - 7701564672
Created by Unknown

Total Eclipse of the Braaaaains

apocalypse zombie spelling failbook g rated - 8071207936
Created by Unknown

The Zombie Apocalypse Would Get Way More Trippy

zombie zombie apocalypse failbook g rated - 7950425856
Created by Unknown

This is Definitely in Georgia

guns parenting zombie - 5941535488
Created by Snarky_mushroom

Losing Pounds the Post-Apocalyptic Way

gym workout zombie failbook g rated - 8307793664
Via BannedWolf

Playing Comment Gaaaaaaames

facebook failbook g rated puns rhyming social media win zombie - 5047416832
Created by Lame Pun Coon

Your Kid Drew a Zombie's... What?

kids accidental sexy zombie - 8053546240
Created by WookieNipps

Some People Are Worked Up About the Return of "Walking Dead"

zombie weird - 8051730944
Created by ionblitz

How to Never Get a Date in One Easy Step

makeup Awkward zombie - 8069292800
Created by Unknown

You Just Ruined The Walking Dead For Me

failbook Featured Fail science smart win zombie - 6004217344
Created by Unknown

Mother's Preferred Addiction

oh snap parents zombie - 4849496576
Created by scotleeds
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