New Product Idea

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Created by Wadoki

Chicken Soup For the ADD Generation

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To Be Fair Bejeweled is a Saga

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You Really Socked It to Her... No Pun Intended...

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I'm Just Saying...

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A Tale of Mother and Son

Funny mother and son exchange about how she won't get even when she is older, and if she tries, Mom will be put in an old age home.
Created by Jim Palfreyman

Finding Half a... Nevermind

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You Just Have to Reach Around

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Now Hiring!

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Wasting Away

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This Just In: Bulgarians Stole Christmas

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Created by Ellis93

Less Exciting Than What Comes After

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I Give this Joke a 9.75

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Michael Bay's Idea of a Good Time

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alarm clock I see what you did there witty reply zing - 4728984832
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