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Yahoo Answers are not just answers user's post to questions on Yahoo. Yahoo! Answers is a specific type of trolling in which a stupid question gets asked, followed up by an even stupider answer, by different people and with no coordination between the two. 

Yahoo Answers: Please, Keep it On Topic

yahoo answers trolling
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Grape Tattoo

tattoo witty yahoo answers - 5351309312
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Yahoo Answers - Was Lion King True?

Funny picture that is a screen grab from Yahoo Answers regarding if Lion King was a true story.
Created by DinoBoy

Yahoo Answers: The Story of Anne Frank Means So Much More Now

Funny Yahoo Answers post asking if Hunger Games was true.
Created by Unknown

Yahoo Answers: iOS for Android

Funny Yahoo Answers about ios.
Created by Unknown

Yahoo Answers: Check My Grammatical

Funny Yahoo Answers fail for someone who asks 'to check my grammatical'
Created by UrSoFunee


funny yahoo answers of someone who seems to have gotten their caps locked and a troll who did too.
Created by Unknown

Asks on Yahoo Answers: They Judge You Because You Worry About Things Like That

yahoo answers on facebook friend count anxiety and the shame this generation burdens themselves with
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Darwin is Rolling in His Grave

Babies pregnancy yahoo answers parenting Darwin DNA failbook g rated - 7779212800
Created by Unknown

How do People Like This Tie Their Shoes in the Morning?

youtube facepalm yahoo answers - 8070547200
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We Want to Believe - Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers NASA space battles covered up by thunderstorms they invented?
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Cloning LiLo

yahoo answers lindsay lohan funny - 7518335744
Created by Crick-Hit

Top Sins: 1. Wearing Two Different Kinds of Cloth at Once. 2. Fast Food.

religion fast food yahoo answers trolling failbook - 8202035968
Created by cheyenne1331

Is Your Child Transspecies?

yahoo answers octopus failbook g rated - 6823454720
Created by Unknown

Yahoo Answers Fail Booking

Yahoo Answers regarding Faillbook - ONE OF OUR SITES!
Created by ohhay ( Via Memebase | Yahoo Answers )

How Do I Fart?

Yahoo Answers FAILS how to fart question
Via Brown Cardigan
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