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Now Presenting: The Most Narrow-Minded Rant Against Global Sports Culture Ever

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Hell on Two Wheels, This One

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The Face of Victory Right There

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Miguel Herrera, the Coach of the Mexican National Team, Snaps a Photo With a Fan He's Never Heard of. The Rest of Us Call That Guy Tom Brady.

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We Know Where Our Loyalties Are!

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The Great Suarez Shark

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If Only Freedom Translated to World Cup Victory...

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Two Teams Already Need a Stiff Drink This World Cup

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Somewhere There's an Editor Getting a Stern Talking to, We Can Only Hope

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Snickers Adds its Own Commentary to the World Cup Suarez Bite

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Ever Had a Hangover Worthy of the World Cup?

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Major Brands Are Eating Up Luis Suárez on Twitter

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Just in Case You Think We've Come a Long Way as a People, Here Are All the Times People Tweeted the Word "Nazi" During the USA vs. Germany Game

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For a Brief Moment, This is What US World Cup Hero John Brooks's Wikipedia Page Looked Like

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