2:45 PM: McRib, Large Fries, Large Mr. Pibb

McDonald's gym workout - 6628408064
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You're Going to be so Healthy After This One

workout exercise - 8138854400
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A Healthy Dose of Fitness Motivation (No Pun Intended)

motivation inspiration workout fitness exercise health faith in humanity restored failbook - 7589685504
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Time to Beef Up and Try This Post Again

burn gym workout failbook - 8228559360
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Intense App Sarcasm Helps You Work Out, Right?

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Weight Loss Logic

gym weight workout irony - 8427589888
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Too Much Food for Thought

exercise fat fitness jogging running working out workout - 6615917056
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Fall Back Means What?

daylight savings whoops gym workout - 8367163648
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Losing Pounds the Post-Apocalyptic Way

gym workout zombie failbook g rated - 8307793664
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Bros Are Equally Terrible With Their Status Updates, Don't Worry

bros workout - 8176270848
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Grammar Matters, Kids!

exercise fitness workout - 6518755072
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Dedicated One-Upsmanship, Courtesy of Twitter

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The Gym: You're Doing It Wrong

gym workout exercise vending machine failbook g rated - 7729133824
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He's Shedding a Person!

bros workout failbook g rated - 8098500352
Created by DRUNKslave

Respect Your Elders

twitter workout parenting Grandpa - 8970448384
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It's Called the S.C.A.M. Workout!

gym workout scam failbook g rated - 8285944320
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