ruining a first date memes

Ruining a First Date in 4 Words is Easier Than You think

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twitter list words dating - 1109765

Twitter Tries to Master the Art of Seduction in 5 Words and It's Proving We're All Suckers for Similarly Basic Things

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#CatsIn5Words Is Taking Over Twitter Right Now

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books status updates too stupid for life words - 3546025216
By Unknown

Not a Scant Bit of Sense in This One

facepalm words phrasing - 8328205824
By Condor Jospehine


make your own fail missing something sounds sexy words - 3780125440
By Unknown
funny dumb spelling fails | text messages yea am fine with earth and stuff but get confused w chrome zone thing whatever Chrome zone? Chromosome?

Spelling Fails That Mangled Words Up Nice

Who needs complete thoughts anyway?
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Vicariously Enjoying This Screwup

whoops accidental sexy words language failbook - 8482985216
By Anon.

I Pledge Allegiance To...

country dictionary people spelling words - 5344339712
By skidude6200


listen to your friends words - 3740536320
By Unknown

These People Are Total Wordsmiths

grammar mind blown nerdgasm words - 8030857216
By Tanuki

A Little Slow on the Draw...

words failbook - 7699657472
By Lynkin

Reading, the Key to the Riddle is READING

Via iwasakaleidoscope

You Should Probably Pay More Attention

english school witty reply words - 5185548544
By Unknown

Seize the Carp, Get a Dictionary!

school facepalm words - 8296223232
By augustus
A Tumblr thread explores the world of ambigrams | just-shower-thoughts word "swims" is same upside down bella-likes-nutella-and-acapella smiws eazyintheheezy upside down, not backwards. silly.

Tumblr Thread: The Wild World Of Ambigrams

Ambigrams are fun.
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