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This is Your Captain Speaking

2012 facebook failbook smart social media time win witty status - 5596337408
By Captain_Zantorr

Playing House

house I see what you did there not what i meant witty status youre-doing-it-wrong - 5312053760
By iDenman

How to Save a Life

facebook failbook g rated witty status - 5635246080

One in Ten

neighbors pedobear Statistics UK witty status - 5747415040
Via bowledover

Ne-Yo's Advice

song lyrics witty status - 5159148288

Your Couch or Mine?

exes netflix relationships witty reply witty status - 5246824960
By La


time machine witty status - 5475598848
By Froggyfran

Riots in Tottenham

london riots looting witty status - 5081273088

Dear Alcohol,

alcohol Featured Fail truth witty status - 5435582720
By steven

Thesaurus Club

fight club rules thesaurus witty reply witty status - 5472477184
By jon.nash29

SHE was Staring at ME!

bus sexy times for one witty status - 5553452288
Via ciacciojon

Asking for It

crocs fight witty status - 5424145664
By kittyking

It's All a Matter of Perspective

fat perspective witty status - 5746435840
Via itzjamesftw

Street Fighters

fight homeless I see what you did there witty status - 5174935808
By Unknown

Cookies Enabled

cookies facebook status witty status - 5447531264
By Unknown

At a McDonald's Playground

McDonald's pedo playground witty status - 5557221120
By Unknown
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