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SHE was Staring at ME!

bus sexy times for one witty status - 5553452288
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It's All a Matter of Perspective

fat perspective witty status - 5746435840
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That Would Rock!

cops lol witty status - 4476280832
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An International Date Line

111111 dates witty status - 5419273216
Created by EllieGamer

Jesus Died for Our Sins

died Featured Fail jesus religion sin witty status - 5094307072
Created by Unknown

Turkey Hunting

hunting Turkey witty status - 5474702848
Created by EnsRedShirt

The Real Earthquake Victim

earthquake witty status - 5121577472
Created by Fracture005

This is Your Captain Speaking

2012 facebook failbook smart social media time win witty status - 5596337408
Created by Captain_Zantorr

A Good Sign

funeral Westboro Baptist Church witty status - 5285454592
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3... 2... 1...

I see what you did there oh snap relationships witty status - 5285447680
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Playing House

house I see what you did there not what i meant witty status youre-doing-it-wrong - 5312053760
Created by iDenman

If a Tree Falls...

hipsters tree witty status - 5042495232
Created by Unknown

At a McDonald's Playground

McDonald's pedo playground witty status - 5557221120
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time machine witty status - 5475598848
Created by Froggyfran

Street Fighters

fight homeless I see what you did there witty status - 5174935808
Created by Unknown

One in Ten

neighbors pedobear Statistics UK witty status - 5747415040
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