Local Network Affiliate is Having a Bad Day

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By Ben

Admit it: You've Been There

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Everything is Fine With Samsung's Ad Here, Except That Landon Donovan isn't on the US Team

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Via Uproxx

Must Have Been a Great Meal!

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By ConcernedCousin

Chipotle Had a Little "Incident" On Twitter This Weekend

Via The Daily Dot

When Plowing the Streets of Boston Goes Wrong

Via BostonGlobe

And You Thought LEGO Were Just Hell on Your Feet...

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You Can Tell Because One is a Tiny Elf

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By Bataern

Now is a Good Time to Wiki Your Quote Source

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By nocachu

We've All Had Rough Moments in the Basement, However

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Via t*tsnboots

"To Get to the Other Side" Was Not an Option Here

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By RoguePisigit

One Missouri Politician Learned the Hard Way to Watch What he Tweets

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Via Neetzan

What Has Helsinki Ever Done for Us, Anyway?

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Via Brown Cardigan

Rupert Murdoch Clumsily Attempts to Defend the Lack of Egyptian and Middle Eastern Actors in the Movie "Exodus"

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Via Rupert Murdoch

Speech to Text Isn't Quite 100% Yet

Via chronos42

Before Hitting Send, Check to See Where Those Risque Selfies Are Going

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Via Brobible
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