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Kansas State Student Sends a Blackface Snapchat and Instantaneously Feels the Wrath of the Internet

Blackface and using the n-word is something that's doesn't fly anywhere. Get it together, white people.

A Kansas State University student was put on blast after KSU student Desmund Weathers posted a screenshot of a snapchat a former sorority girl had shared. In the photo you can see a blackfaced Paige Shoemaker throwing up the Westside W with a caption that took everything over the edge.

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Hashtags of The Day: Twitter Imagines Thanksgiving in Black, White and Hispanics
Via Twitter
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With Thanksgiving almost here, people on Twitter are eager to share their traditions. And these undoubtedly vary from culture to culture.

The hashtags #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies, #ThanksgivingWithWhiteFamilies and #ThanksgivingWithHispanics started trending to share hilarious stories from each group.

Do most of these tweets perpetuate stereotypes? Yep.

But are they hilarious? You bet!

Black Thanksgiving

White Thanksgiving

Hispanic Thanksgiving