rare moments that go against the odds | My cat went missing 2 days, so put an advert on Facebook. Literally 5 mins after my cat comes door. 30 mins later, my neighbour comes and drops off he thought my cat. Now have two identical cats. | pole going through a car window and barely missing the driver

Rare And Well-Timed Moments That Went Against The Odds

Roll those dice.
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NSFW twitter FAIL reactions celeb weird dating - 1393925

Ex-Disney Channel Star Tweets Dick Pic Saying It Isn't Her Ex-Boyfriend's, Twitter Proceeds to Lose Its Mind

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tweets of things people wrote down in the night

Twitter Explores the Stupid and Nonsensical Things We've Written down in the Middle of the Night

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We All Become That Pikachu

Via Brown Cardigan

Spooky Scary Twitter Thoughts!

food weird twitter - 8326330624
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DMs and pics full of cringe

12 Inexcusable Cringe Pics That'll Rock You To Your Troubled Core

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Close Up Shop, Captions Aren't Going to Get Better

lady bits what weird - 8108909568
By mtndewmaniac
the longest thirty seconds activities | ExtraMediumGonzo 57.9k points 6 days ago 12 18 41 More moments after sending risky text and see So-and-so is typing but keeps starting and stopping. Reminds tweet went something like ever send text 's so risky clean entire house?"

Things That Seem to Take Ages

Doing a plank is the worst.
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creepy pictures vacation weird - 4378650880
By Unknown

Not Only for Women

alien gross pregnancy weird - 5366384640

There's Weirdo Sexy Fiction, Then There's "Invaded by the iWatch"

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Hilarious Tinder Moments That Breathe Some Life Into the Dating Game

44 Hilarious Tinder Moments That Breathe Some Life Into the Dating Game

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People react to Dad dating simulator video game on Twitter and it's hilarious.

People React to "Dream Daddy" Dating Simulator Video Game

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adult swaddling

Adult Swaddling Is The Weirdest Cringeworthy Trend We've Seen Emerge From Tokyo In a Long Time

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Mu hu hahahaha...

rage comic weird - 4849824256
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Come for Disney World, Stay for the Shattering of Your Faith in People

florida sign weird failbook g rated - 8257725952
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