Well That Didn't Last Long...

marijuana 420 pot weed - 7054336256
By Unknown

Well SOMEONE Had to Try It

marijuana weed - 8001858560
By Unknown

Trolling Level Five Billion

failbook marijuana smoking troll trolling weed - 6295212544
By Unknown

Wiz Khalifa Chose the Perfect Day to Drop His New Weedmojis

twitter win Wiz Khalifa releases new weed emojis for 420
Via @wizkhalifa

She Saw Where There Would Be a High Demand For Cookies

funny facebook image clever girl sells cookies in front of pot shop
Via @katunews
instagram irony weed Video police - 198919

The Uncomfortable Irony of Your Personal License Plate Choices

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Facebook in 2006

facebook marijuana old weed - 6300758016
By Unknown

Spark One Up

twitter weed - 8806399744
Via TrevonWasHere

Coles Just Wants You to Blaze it Up. How Terrible...

Via Brown Cardigan

They're After Yer Lucky Stash!

420 facepalm St Patrick's Day socks weed - 8083731200
Via Reddit

Troll Patrol

kids trolling smoking weed police - 7092962048
By michealjackson

U Don't Kno My Pain

drugs marijuana pot weed - 7004381952
By Unknown

Anyone Want to Really Feel the Bern?

funny political image facebook group Burners for Bernie feel the burn pipe
Via BurnersForBernie

Send Help

twitter stoned high failbook weed - 8798196224
Via paulyappleseed

Well She Can't Celebrate at 4:20, The Kids Will Be Out Already

funny parenting tweet mom gets busted for smoking back to school blunt in car
Via @SPD_Traffic
420 siri weed Video - 70431233

Siri's Newest Feature? Helping You Score That Dank Kush.

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