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First a Frap, Then it's Time to Consummate!

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Stop Being Anatomically Correct All Up in My Posts!

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Bride complains about her K-Mart towels wedding gift, and then gets slammed in the comments section | Hey everyone, has anyone received any wedding gifts past were slap face did deal with My partner and had very exclusive wedding, all inclusive and focus were our guests. Our best friend, husband and kids knew this and they gifted us 2 kmart towels total value about $10. This hurt us lot, as slap face don't know deal with any suggestions? 40 answers

Bride Gets Gifted K-Mart Towels, Complains, Gets Slammed In Comments

Not exactly what she was looking for.
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Couple Takes a Wedding Photo in Times Square, Zach Braff Just Happens to Walk Through the Shot

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I'm Guessing Some Still Think that Romeo + Juliet is Romantic

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Thanks Mom...

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A Redneck Dynasty Begins

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Ugh, Get a Towel!

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Let Me Simplify This

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Classy Proposal

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What a Loving Son

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You've Got Some Explaining to Do...

Text - added a lfe event from February 1, 2012 to her timeline: Daughter Got Married. Like Comment 23 minutes ago lkes this. You wanna explain this? Mom about a minute ago via mobile - Like
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Don't Ask, But Feel Free to Speculate!

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Nope, Just Senior Prom

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