Looks Like Boston is Getting the Shaft

funny memes weather report looks like dong

What Tom Clancy Book Did You Just Walk Out of?

weather weird failbook g rated - 7983626240
By Unknown

Oh, You Mean That Wet Stuff Falling Outside My Window Is Rain? YOU DON'T SAY.

obvious rain raining weather - 6453101312
By Unknown

Really Got Dumped on Last Night

snow storms weather - 5891487488
By Embernom

A Typo Might Be the Only Thing Separating You From Chores and a Jail Sentence

funny social media fail weather and chores typo
Via @Failbook

Snapchat is Where Poetry Goes to Die

flirting weather poetry snapchat failbook - 8235716352
Via Sofa Pizza

Better Stock Up on Holy Water Too

funny tweet image satellite photo of hurricane matthew looks sinister
Via @StuOstro

Man, You've Got It Rough...

weather TV - 7012200448
By Unknown

they had it coming!

earthquake weather - 5402510848
By MelBa_Toasties

On Midwest Weather

earthquake weather - 5406675968
By AngelEyes

Storms Be Moving Backward!

weather storms stupid - 7804727296
By ChicagoTransAm

Does the Angle of the Glass Make It More Deadly?

snow weather failbook g rated - 7985573120
By bethagregory

Nope, Nothing Gets Colder Than That!

facepalm weather winter - 8421323776
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hurricane fox news list Death weather tweets Video - 1008389

Fox Anchor Shepard Smith Decided to Offer Everyone an Unnecessarily-Scary Hurricane Matthew Warning

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Goodnight, Sun

common sense weather - 5946394624

I Swear, it Normally Has More Stopping Power, it's Just Cold Out!

dude parts guns weather failbook - 8244452864
By aurette
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