Old Man Winter

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By Unknown
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Fox Anchor Shepard Smith Decided to Offer Everyone an Unnecessarily-Scary Hurricane Matthew Warning

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Looks Like We Have a 90% Chance of Severe Burns

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Tanning Problems

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By uhhyeahok

Chasing Storms in Your Dad's Hand-Me-Down Vehicle

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By Someguytoo


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By Unknown

Holy Misuse, Batman!

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By Unknown

Things Are Looking Turgid I MEAN TURBULENT in the Northeast

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By Charles1986

Oh, You Mean That Wet Stuff Falling Outside My Window Is Rain? YOU DON'T SAY.

obvious rain raining weather - 6453101312
By Unknown

Nope, Nothing Gets Colder Than That!

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This Guy is CLEARLY too Cool and Edgy for Facebook

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Conditions Might Be Slippery

weather - 5036971008

Enjoyable Runs

diarrhea weather - 7198293760
By Unknown

Man, You've Got It Rough...

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By Unknown

Pokémon Go and Hide From Tornadus

Pokémon Go and Hide From Tornadus
Via Gnarslogge
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This Chicago Weather Report Got Hot and Steamy Thanks to a Shirtless Jogger (and the Internet is Loving it)

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