A Lesson in Clear Kerning and Typography

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Read, but Make Sure to Print That Stuff Out First!

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Status: Feeling [Run Over by a Car Emoji]

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This is the Only Anti-Theft Device Stores Need in the Social Media Age

warning sign thief failbook g rated - 8319524096
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Fox News Rumors

fox news pedobear poll warning - 4837256448
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Watch Out, the Water Makes You Love Vaporwave

warning water true facts - 8347697408
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Why Isn't This a Real Feature Yet?

warning football iphone failbook g rated - 8322571776
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The Utter Devastation

earthquake Photo warning - 5121863936
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Told You So

facepalm spam virus warning - 5463960832
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Be Careful of His Antics!

warning trolling failbook facebook - 8976252416
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nickelback twitter warning - 5185495552
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In Case of Fire

fire lol twitter warning - 5038251008
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The Drunken Right to Bear Arms

woods warning bears facepalm animals police - 8577378560
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Way to Make Mom Go Blind

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How Else am I Supposed to Clean This iPhone?

warning sign phone washing machine - 8422968832
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Goodnight Full Moon-y

Goodnight Full Moon-y
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