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I Swear, I'm Holding These for a Friend!

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One Way to End Things With Someone You Don't Feel For

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Read the Left First, Then Shake Your Head at the Right

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A Love Letter to the Most Important Person in Your Life

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By Nemprime

Likely Accomplices: A Dog and a Shoe

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Stiff Words for Stiff Folks

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By JustHere4Coffee

We Need to Stop Freaking Out About What Moms Do With Their Bodies in Public

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Get Inside of Me, You Delicious Thing!

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By Unknown

Will You Be Mine, Savior?

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By Hellbilleh

Back to Being a Race Car Driver in My Dreams!

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The "Idiot Stick" Goes Both Ways

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These Are the Stories That Keep Us Coming Back to Facebook

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A Joke Years in the Making

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A Tale of Forbidden Passion

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Classic: It Took a Little Time, but the Joke Was Worth it

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It's Fine, You'll Get the Point Soon Enough

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