Hogwarts and Technology? Sign Me Up!

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That Actually Sounds Like the Best Name Ever

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Voldy's Hunt

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J.K. Rowling's Retort to the Donald Trump/Voldemort Comparison is Genius

funny twitter image JK Rowling doesn't think Voldemort is as evil as Donald Trump
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George Alexander Louis Potter

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Barista WIN

Featured Fail Harry Potter Starbucks voldemort win - 5468145920
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So That's Why He Started Wearing Those Campaign Hats

funny social media donald trump's horcruxes
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The Dark Lord Breaks Hearts

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And Don't Get Me Started on Voldemort Battling Edward Cullen

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Be Careful Who You Curse

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Voldemort Meets the Joker

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You Can't Say V*******t on Network TV!

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Her Medal Would Make the Perfect Horcrux

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