Vladimir Putin

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Can We Try That Again in a Human Language?

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If He Saw This, He'd be Vladimir Poutin'

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Good Going, Bing

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I Can't Even Putin Up With This

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David Cameron Called President Obama Earlier Today, And According to Twitter, They Had a Rather Interesting Conversation

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President Barner, We Have to Do Something About the Rosherns!

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Human Rights Violations: Hi-Larious

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We Need This Game on Our Phones NOW

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Cute Little Putin Will Never be the Same

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Christmas Comes Russian In

Text - commented on this. k 19 hrs The Russian is having REALLY loud Christmas sex. I think the lady Russian is crying Like Comment Share and 4 others like this. Please can you explain the difference between sex and Christmas sex please. 19 hrs Like k Bells. Obviously 19 hrs Like 1 El Haha. No commentl 19 hrs Like Well, you only get what you Putin. 8 hrs Like10 IS MY HERO 3 hrs Like taught us all well (he was our school teacher) E k Amenl 39 mins Like 1 Holy 35 mins Like Write a comment...
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Canadian Olympians Are Taking Casual Selfies With One of the Most Powerful Men in the World. No Big Deal.

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Valadimier Pootin, Prime Minister of Russia

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