RIP Vines, Get Comfortable Anonymous Eggs!

funny twitter image vine is dead, long live the anonymous eggs
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These Six Second Videos Explain Every Reason We Hate Facebook

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twitter donald trump vine - 80691713

Technically, He's Still Telling the Truth

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dogs pets vine Video - 60928769

Vine Was Made for This Amazing Pup

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dads parenting Video vine trolltube - 61026049

Be Glad You Don't Have a Son Like This

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Web Developer Bypasses 6-Second Upload Limit on Vine, Crashes the Site

twitter android rickroll vine rickrolled rick astley funny failbook - 7537598208
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Just Because I Accepted Your Friend Request Doesn't Mean I'm Listening

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kids parenting Sesame Street vine - 60051457

Elmo Does it For the Vine!

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Facebook Reveals Instagram Video, Direct Challenger to Vine

facebook video twitter vine instagram facebook video failbook - 7589106176
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Life Priorities: Twenty-Somethings vs. Thirty-Somethings

social networks twitter vine instagram social media texting failbook g rated - 7763848704
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dogs doge vine cute Video failbook g rated - 60652801

Hold the Presses, Doge is on Vine

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The Elusive Dislike Button

vine instagram hashtags dislike button failbook g rated - 7593630720
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list gifs Drake vine tweets Video - 658181

Drake is Hip Hop's Biggest Dork and His Hotline Bling Video Proves It

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baseball vine World Series - 61943297

Do it For the Vine: College World Series Edition!

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vine breakup Video - 60068865

Vine Breakup is the Tool Millennials Need to Cut it Off

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Challenge of the Day: Teens are Summoning a Mexican Demon Named ‘Charlie’

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