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Fascinating and informative twitter thread from chuck e. cheese employee who conducted behavioral study using sounds and lights in games to see what people respond to | Professor_Palmer @CaryPalmerr The last few weeks I've begun conducting my own behavioral study in secret. I have been adjusting games at Chuck E Cheese and recording the subconscious response of guest interaction over the week.  I've discovered some pretty interesting things.  A long thread | This is the game that made me start

Twitter Thread: Chuck E. Cheese Worker Conducts Behavioral Study Using Arcade Games

People are very easily manipulated
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Welcome To The Dark Side, M'Lady

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Start9 for Maximum Prayer Efficiency!

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Here's How the Arizona Athletics Celebrated Beating the Oregon Ducks

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So Sonic, Such Cold-Blooded

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Guys Take Note

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Just Doing Some Plumbing

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I Don't Want to Game on This Planet Anymore

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What Are You Waiting For? Fight Already!

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Watching All These First Time VR Users Open Their Gifts and Set Foot Into a New Reality Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Sorry to Burst Your Bubble

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A Hard Knock Life

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If You Remember This, You Know That's the Wrong Controller

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Console Racisim

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Some People Just Weren't Meant for the Trail

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