Bacon Always Wins

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Created by Nicole

That's Not How It Works...

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Created by jhurrikane

Animal Lover

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Created by eatit

Gotta Wash All That Chard Out of Your System

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Via Brown Cardigan

Vegan, But Without All That Vegan Crap

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Created by jameseatscheese

Natural Causes are Vegan Safe

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Created by jj

My Kind of Pyramid

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Created by Steven0024

Why Don't We Just Have Gulags for the Peanut-Averse?

Via 18_Oreos_and_a_Panda

How You've Changed Deer Sister

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Created by Unknown

I'm Just a Carnivore, Except for Spinach and Lettuce

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Can't Argue With That

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Every Day is a New Day! Now, Who Has a Light?

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Created by Kaskad

To be Fair, Who Can Resist Mexican Food?

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Via manna_tee
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Finally Someone Has Decided to Rename Vegan "Cheese" and It's a Fantastic Suggestion

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You're Really Bringing Down the Tone of This Conversation

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Via EJgomez

Veegn Pls

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Created by Unknown
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