We're Back to Using Hieroglyphs Now?

emoji what vaguebooking - 8270695936
Via Xanthien

To Be (Cuddled), Or Not to Be (Cuddled)...

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Created by Unknown

That's the Exact Opposite of What You Wanted!

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Created by Unknown

Watch it Pal!

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Created by Unknown

She Knew That

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Created by Unknown

No Questions at This Time

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Created by Unknown

Oh Yeah!

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Created by soupergenyus

When Vaguebooking Goes Wrong

Awkward vaguebooking - 8252459008
Via Tekshi

Enough with the Vaguebooking!

oh snap vaguebooking win - 4672066560
Via CoffeeNinja

Oh, Is That Why You Just Talked About It on Here?

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Created by Unknown

Having an Off Day

tired nonsense vaguebooking - 5852877824
Created by Liz

Give Me Attention!

attention seeking fishing for compliments vaguebooking - 7162470912
Created by Unknown

We Got a Big One on the Line!

fishing attention vaguebooking - 8036718848
Created by Unknown

Cut That Out!

Gravity vaguebooking dating - 4640553472
Created by MusicalGirl2311

Hypocrisy Everywhere

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Created by Unknown

In Canada, Vaguebooking is Actually Effective

Canada drama relationships vaguebooking - 4412827392
Created by Unknown