The Canadian Side of the Grand Canyon

Canada grand canyon vacation - 7016702464
By Unknown

Some People Cut Their Vacations to Save Money, But Nah.

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A Sticky Romantic Situation

glue whoops bad idea vacation failbook g rated - 8466318080
By holyhandgrenade1020
marriage dating vacation - 896005

Newlywed Forced to Celebrate Honeymoon With a Piece of Paper After Wife Loses Passport

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Good Advice

vegetables pregnancy pregnant vacation - 7748192256
By Unknown

Mr. Sulu, Set a Course!

accidental sexy THE D vacation - 8270638080
By aaron.czubak

A Country Far, Far Away

facepalm geography vacation - 8341752064

48 Hours Until I Forget I Ever Read This

vacation - 6414311424
By Sam Miles

These Are the Loves That Last a Lifetime (or Until the Ruse is Up)

bad idea marriage vacation - 8176280320
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What Happens in Prague...

relationships cheating vacation - 8286523136
By Natalie

First World Vacation Problems

First World Problems flying vacation white people - 8342831872
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The Unbelievable Bit

relationships vacation witty reply - 4891275008
By Unknown

It's Near Holland-America

Norway vacation - 6662743296

Honey, I Think We Need to Talk...

wife husband cheating vacation - 5059844352
By on looker ;)

Your GPS Location Says Otherwise!

gps Japan vacation - 7762113536
By K2daT
kids letter parenting facebook husband mom vacation - 901381

Mom Leaves Brutal Warning Letter for Husband Before Leaving Him Alone With the Six Kids for the Weekend

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