Maturity Required, Thick Skin Optional

whoops typo spelling burn - 8118168576

Someone Needs to Have Elmo Help With Their Vocabulary

typo accidental sexy Sesame Street - 8075478528
Created by Jesska

Reading is Just One of the Many Things You Won't Do in College

Via 99w

Keep it to Yourself, This is a Family Establishment

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Created by Unknown

Outfit. Outfit is the Word You Were Looking For.

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Via Dumbest Tweets

I Thought This Job Came With "Benefits"

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Created by Unknown

I've Been Trying to Figure This Out for Years

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Welcome to the Abyss, Lows in the Mid-30s... Kelvin.

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Via Know Your Meme

Please, Think of the Bums

accidental sexy butt stuff butts typo - 8094662400
Created by Unknown

Idiets. Idiets Everywhere.

common sense Hypocrisy typo - 6009593600

The New York Times Accidentally Called Kyrgyzstan "Kyrzbekistan," so Naturally Some Folks Gave it Its Own Twitter Account

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Via Neatorama

Scattergories is Tough

board games common sense typo WoW - 5998889984
Created by kayquinn

I'm Sure Your 'Get Well Soon' Party Was Fabulous Too!

auto correct gay gays surgery typo - 6263177984
Created by Chickenmanga

Depends on Your Definition of the Term

accidental gross whoops vocabulary typo - 8196869888
Created by moomar_jen

People with Glass Grammar Shouldn't Throw Comment Stones

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Created by Unknown

Whatever it is, Spelling Better Not be Part of This Job

typo facepalm spelling - 8186373120
Created by xFull_Panic
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