Remember, Kids: Proofread Proofread Proofread!

email letters retard typo - 6246159616

A Spelling Disaster

disaster typo typos - 6673730304
Created by mkoinnich

People with Glass Grammar Shouldn't Throw Comment Stones

grammar typo irony - 8206308864
Created by Jennifer

I Thought This Job Came With "Benefits"

autocorrect freudian slip typo - 7295873536

Well, I'm Safe!

medical, psa, cancer, throat, sign
Via Bits and Pieces

Whenever You Think it's Appropriate to Not Have a Childhood Anymore

children iphone parenting typo - 5884314368
Created by basselope7

Hope Hop, Ya Don't Stop

typo spelling - 8206766592
Created by jpeebs

College: It's Not For Everyone

school typo spelling - 8068906240
Created by Unknown

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

classy intelligent spelling typo - 6306950400
Created by Unknown

Idiets. Idiets Everywhere.

common sense Hypocrisy typo - 6009593600
Created by Unknown

Let The Head Smashing Begin

Hypocrisy irony typo - 6062897664
Created by Thomas

Burnley is in the Rough Here

grammar spelling typo - 8099230208
Created by Unknown

Want Washboard Abs? Join a Blowing Club

typo failbook - 8757048320
Created by Unknown

Eau de Toilette

cologne gross poop typo - 5249436160
Created by JerePotter

Someone Call John Travolta

movies sickness typo - 5907298304
Created by Unknown

A Little Toot of Love

typo grandma - 8067607552
Created by zedleppelin420
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