get a life no more please twilight - 3694778880
Created by Unknown

Blowing Your Mind

books ICWUDT twilight - 5715084800
Created by Unknown

The Best Twilight Ever

breaking dawn review twilight win - 5465983488
Created by Unknown

Spoiler FAIL

books facepalm magazine Movie Spoiler Alert twilight - 5410573056
Created by melindee

Poor Choice

twilight breaking dawn part 2 - 6780584448
Created by thejakeanator

Roasted With Garlic!

airport breaking dawn part 2 twilight - 6874771712
Created by Unknown

False: Justin Bieber is "Available"

twitter fifty shades of grey twilight tweet justin bieber - 6763470080
Created by Unknown

Twilight's Alternate Ending

scary twilight werewolves - 8022503424
Created by FuriousEnergy

Questioning Sexuality

failbook Featured Fail justin bieber sexuality twilight - 5800571648
Created by emzemily

Wolves Apparently Don't Exist

werewolves twilight - 6991390464
Created by IndiAndFinn

I Love This Game!

alcohol drinking movies twilight - 5999037696
Created by Unknown


biology education high school twilight - 3614689024
Created by Unknown

Pikachu Moon

failbook g rated Pokémon tumblr twilight - 6182128384

Take THAT Fictional Character!

bible facepalm twilight failbook g rated - 8101537792
Created by ichc.chrispeeler ( Via RedditLovesYew )

For the Greater Good

justin bieber politics twilight - 5178098176
Created by Unknown

Rub His Nose In It

dogs twilight witty reply - 4462171136
Created by Unknown
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