Criss Angel

mistaken identity Photo trololo - 5495661056
By Sara

Resume Troll

proofreading resume trololo - 5500380160
By Edward

Protip: Don't Poke a Troll When He's Got Nothing Else to Do

bored driving IRL parking lot police trololo - 5303835904
Via SlightlySlizzed

Some People Never Learn

grammar spelling trololo - 5130522112
By Unknown


google problem trololo - 5178080768
By Unknown

Real Talk

clever facebook failbook g rated Harry Potter oh snap trololo win witty reply - 5565166592
By Unknown


gullible tosh.0 trololo - 5020159232
By Shifty

Making Today Awesome

jerk shut up trololo - 4770612480
By Unknown

Trolldad: UK

dad ICWUDT trololo win your friends are laughing at you - 5815447296
By Poopay

Josh Chimes In

friends spelling trololo - 4867349248

Need Help Touching Up That Profile Pic?

photoshop trololo win - 5182088192
Via photoshoptroll

Sick of It

Featured Fail not what it sounds like SpongeBob SquarePants trololo win - 5364921856
By Unknown

Troll Dad Strikes Back

dad mom parents sharks swimming trololo - 5847469568
By AbiAjay

Trolling for Information

facepalm trololo your friends are laughing at you - 4828759552
By Kickerinthehead

What an Ash

grandma trololo - 5747367680
By ChicknMonkey

"Got It!"

ATM oh snap trololo - 5554701312
By shorteeby40
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