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Internet Brings the Creative Fire With Latest Attempts at Describing That Upcoming Holiday Dinner In Three Words

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So, How Was Your Thanksgiving?

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Via GreenishDuck

Best Turkey Day EVAR!

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By Voysey96
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Turkeys in Boston Are Wreaking Havoc in What Appears to Be an Early Protest to Thanksgiving

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grandma texts thanksgiving invitation to the wrong number

Story of Grandma Who Texted Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation to Wrong Number Has the Best Ending Ever

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Fresh Wine and Brains, Just Like Mom Used to Make!

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By Flappybat

Works Perfectly

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By Durham Harmon
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Your Thanksgiving Definitely Won't Be as Bad as These

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Get Ready to Spend Time With the Family on Thanksgiving With the Hashtag #ItsNotAFamilyGatheringUntil

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Love You Too, Mom

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By RatedRForlife


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Via @WhyNya

Let Me Save You the Trouble of Small Talk

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By Unknown

I Meant What I Said!

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By Unknown

Just Like the Pilgrims Would Eat!

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Via 22 Words

Missing the Point, Just in Time for the Holidays

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Via ithinkitsduke

May the Deals Be Ever in Your Favor

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By Unknown
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