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Too Much TV Makes us Zombies

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By Kami

There's Always Money in the Lowest Common Denominator

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All It Costs Is Your Dignity

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In Australia They Just Call it a Night on the Town

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Tumblr Thread on the collateral damage the Mythbusters caused | switch-up-snowfox Follow Oh cannonball ain't nothin compared esparto incident. nate2247 Follow now switch-up-snowfox Follow They were testing phrase "knock socks off" and because its mythbusters build team (which consists 3 boom addicted gremlins) they decided go quarry near Esparto california test myth by blowing shit up. This time they got 500 pounds ANFO detonation pretty damn big.

Tumblr Thread: Collateral Damage Caused by Mythbusters

Sometimes things got out of hand.
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Don't You Think a Polar Bear Would Have Been a More Appropriate Metaphor?

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By Starvator

She'll Be Writing Stewie/Brian Fanfic Soon

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Spoiler Alert

Featured Fail how i met your mother television - 6039928320
By John Smith

Can't Argue With The Doctor

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Pamela Anderson Taught Me Everything I Needed to Know About Mouth to Mouth

lifeguard television - 8215817472
By perducci117


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Let's Get Back to the REAL Issues!

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