Free Diagrams for Everyone!

professor teacher - 6684726016
By Unknown

Don't Worry, She Was Popular...

teacher - 5143081216
By Sean_Danger

Aww... Poor You

accident homework math selfish teacher - 5600923136
By Unknown

Essay FAIL

essay facepalm Featured Fail school stupid teacher - 5351557376
By Unknown

A Teacher's Hint

really school teacher win - 5746535424
By noobolympics

He Knows. They Always Know.

cheating school teacher - 8397969152
Via Acid Cow
teacher writes note to muslim students

Teacher Hangs Positive, Inclusive Note on Classroom Door Following Trump's Victory and the Internet Reacts

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This Teacher Learns Why You Shouldn't Add Your Students On Snapchat

This Teacher Learns Why You Shouldn't Add Your Students On Snapchat
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Weep for the Future

facepalm FAIL geography really school teacher - 5226577920
By scottauld

Busted in Class

busted parents school teacher - 4541795840
By Unknown

Posts from an English Teacher

english students stupid teacher - 4401745408
By Unknown

Mr. K

busted oh snap Overshare pedo school teacher - 5260075776
By Unknown

Kids Are the Most Honest Criminals

gross farts teacher - 8036643840
By Unknown

When a Teacher Wants To Give Your Paper the D

funny fail images teacher grades paper by drawing a penis on it

Remember The 5 Ds

Professional At Work teacher - 6048446464
By Rainbow.Kitty

This Might Be Hard to Explain

Grumpy Cat school teacher grades failbook g rated - 7150570752
By EpicWin00
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