Somehow That Tattoo Seems More Fitting

whoops failbook tattoo Ugliest Tattoos chicken nuggets - 8314156032
Via BloodyFool

"Without Struggle There Is No Progress"

bra pic tattoo witty reply - 5655415808
By Unknown

Bad Speller's Are the Worst

grammar tattoo typo - 6030476800
By Unknown

Baby Got Back

tattoo funny - 7460915456
By MyTConfused

Be Careful Who You Tag in Photos of Your Ass

drunk facepalm oh snap tattoo teacher - 5210182144
By Awesome

Permanent Mistake

oh snap spelling tattoo - 4900497152

Trailer Tatty

facepalm fail at life tattoo - 4419803136
By ryansayssunrise

You're Only Latin Once

carpe diem latin tattoo yolo - 6391253248
By Unknown

A Genius Abroad

tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 8277611008
By LachlanG93
news sports FAIL World Series baseball tattoo reactions MLB cleveland mistake - 1103109

Foolish Cleveland Fan Opts for the Premature 'Champs' Tattoo, and the Internet Is Here to Smack Him With Instant Regrets

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Top Contender for Dad of the Year Right Here

parenting tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 8203379712
By devlovescats

Roman Numeral FAIL

oops roman numerals tattoo - 5323080704
By Joe
twitter FAIL Drake tattoo reactions - 1135365

Drake Got a Nicolas Cage-Inspired Ghost Rider Tattoo, and The Internet Can't Stop Teasing Him

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tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 6639888896
By Unknown


tattoo fail with misspelled word Strengths as Strenghens
By Unknown


bad idea facepalm fail at life oh snap tattoo The Spelling Wizard yikes your friends are laughing at you - 4018703872
By Unknown
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