You're Far From A Proofreader

facepalm grammar really spelling tattoo - 5126567936
Created by GrammarNazi

I Really Hope 'Spicey & Fieisty' Is A Band Name

pictures tattoo - 3774419712
Created by Unknown

Somehow That Tattoo Seems More Fitting

whoops failbook tattoo Ugliest Tattoos chicken nuggets - 8314156032
Via BloodyFool

A Genius Abroad

tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 8277611008
Created by LachlanG93

That's Way More Than a "Mustache"

tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 8039171072
Created by demosthenes_bitch

Permanent Mistake

oh snap spelling tattoo - 4900497152

Trailer Tatty

facepalm fail at life tattoo - 4419803136
Created by ryansayssunrise

Well You're Being Sexist Against People With Tattoos!

tattoo racist sexist - 6791985408
Created by Unknown
news sports FAIL World Series baseball tattoo reactions MLB cleveland mistake - 1103109

Foolish Cleveland Fan Opts for the Premature 'Champs' Tattoo, and the Internet Is Here to Smack Him With Instant Regrets

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Ever Wonder Why You Can't Keep a Boyfriend?

boyfriend tattoo cheater dating - 6926203392
Created by Unknown

Financial Advice

bad idea oh snap tattoo - 4486509824
Created by eeeicram

Tattoo FAIL

bad idea image really tattoo your friends are laughing at you - 4522908416
Created by Unknown


bad idea facepalm fail at life oh snap tattoo The Spelling Wizard yikes your friends are laughing at you - 4018703872
Created by Unknown

At Least She'll Bounce Back Quickly

facepalm spelling tattoo your friends are laughing at you - 4953763328
Created by tcbtommy


facebook failbook nascar oh snap tattoo tattoos - 5645291520
Created by somuchfail


tattoo fail with misspelled word Strengths as Strenghens
Created by Unknown
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