Are You Sure You Aren't ON FIRE?

fire tanning - 6106418944
By sglider12

El Taco Loco

bros jokes taco bell tanning - 6073547264
By callitromance

Lobsters Are in Season AND in Style!

parenting tan tanning - 6224524032
By thirichan

A Tale of Sun-Scorched Nethers

ouch lady bits sunburn tanning - 8466663424
By Unknown

Trading Cancer

cigarettes cancer tanning - 7966236672
By YouCanHasCheesburger

A Cheap Tanning Place

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By Unknown

Spray Tan is Back!

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By Unknown

New Idea: Microwave Tanning

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By gurteghsingh


studying tanning - 4835315968
By Maddy

First World White Girl Problems

facebook First World Problems tanning - 8765319936
By Unknown

Tanning is Like Makeup, for Your Body!

makeup tanning irony - 8109510144
By Anonymous

The President Can be so Spiteful Sometimes

thanks obama barack obama tanning - 8162520832
Via mandacoppanda

Ghosts Are So Pale Too!

ghosts skin cancer tanning - 6687140352
By Unknown

Survival of the Palest

bros tanning - 6437764352
By nickgnarkill

Located in Scenic Everywhere!

good idea oh snap tanning - 4771435520
By Unknown

I've Seen a Couple Different Astronomical Locations!

Via dakota2000
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