If Thor Got a Cellphone

Thor superheroes texting failbook - 8351216896
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It Makes Total Sense!

ben affleck superheroes batman failbook g rated - 7763547904
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Morphable Eye Colors, No Periods, Hydro Pump...

superheroes women - 7941008640
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A First-Look at Deadpool Footage Turned Into a Surprise Screening and Fans Loved It

deadpool A First-Look at Deadpool Footage Turned Into a Surprise Screening and Fans Loved It
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Avengers Call Center

The Avengers tony stark iron man the hulk hulk superheroes - 6688968704

It's Actually Making You Safer

parenting superheroes The Avengers Thor - 6485173504
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Half Frost Giant, All Awesome

loki Thor nerdgasm superheroes - 8102412288
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The Amazing Man-Spider

Spider-Man superheroes - 6116964352
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Probably a Little Better Than M and N, Right?

superheroes whoops quiz failbook g rated - 8115244800
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chris evans twitter

Chris Evans Sent Martin Shkreli into an Absolute Twitter Ragefest with One Tweet

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Failbook: Hulk PERSUADE

failbook Featured Fail g rated hulk pun superheroes the hulk - 6099421184
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marvel captain america superheroes funny - 954885

Leslie Jones Discovering Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War Is Funnier than Anyone Expected

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Say it Again, Serpent!

marvel Samuel L Jackson superheroes nerdgasm - 8142343168
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marvel reactions superheroes - 1511173

Funny Reactions to the Marvel's Amazing New 'Iron Fist' Trailer

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Samuel L Jackson Hit Foggy From Daredevil With Absolutely Savage Candor

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