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People On Twitter Are Convinced There's a Solid 69 Reasons That Rob Gronkowski Should Be in the Super Bowl

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Play Balls!

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Sports Go Sports!

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These People Are the Real Winners When It Comes to Kickass Super Bowl Snack Stadiums

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Lady Gaga Dancing to the Super Bowl Half Time Show Was All of Us At Home (in Spirit)

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Wait, Who Won?

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JCPenney Evidently Has a Drunk Person Running Their Twitter

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Clearly the Left Shark is the Antichrist

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Fans on Both Sides Agree, 'Woo Guy' Was the Worst Part of the Super Bowl

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All the Student Loans Are Worth it for the Dank Memes

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Do As We Say, Not As We Do

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New Video Shows How Mexican Journalist Pulled Off Tom Brady Super Bowl Jersey Theft

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Geopolitical Strategist Shark Sez...

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The Lombardi Trophy of Broken Dreams

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People Are Feeling All Kinds of Dirty After Mr. Clean Super Bowl Commercial

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They're That Bad

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