Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun, please don't give me a massive sunburn and make it impossible to sit. That funky ball of gas and fire that keeps us from becoming human popsicles is a hilarious source of entertainment. So sit back, and watch your tan (or sunburn) spread with the Sun's scintillating jokes and puns.

Problem Solved

problem solved sun The Sun - 7185171456
By madmadamehula

Meanwhile, in the Time of Ptolemy...

facepalm Astronomy sun science - 8391385344
Via TaftMacNcheese

Don't Even THINK About the Sun

blind eyes photos pictures sun - 6388836096
By weeshebeast


earth sun - 6640066816
By Unknown

Minnesota Winters

sun winter - 6994714368
By Rigbybird

Praise the... Son?

decal puns cars sun - 8223433984
By Unknown

Not Very Bright

school science star stupid sun - 5323619584
By Unknown

There Are No Words for People With This Poor of an Understanding of Astronomy

facepalm Astronomy sun stars - 8105637120
Via yobotomy

Yahoo Answers: NASA! Get on This, Please!

Yahoo Answers Nasa Can go to the sun at night, better than winter.
Via Yahoo Answers | FAILS

The Sun of God

jesus sun - 5679954944
By Unknown

Going Blind: Only the Cool Kids Are Doing it!

Via momentsrewound

Classic: This is Not What Smash Mouth Had in Mind With Their Song

trolling Yahoo Answer Fails sun genius failbook - 8274038016
Via Ginger347347

Get Your Facts Straight

Text - 7:43 PM AT&T 86% 1 hour ago Someone tried to convince me today that the sun is a star. The sun is a sun so how bout you take second grade again? #getyourfactsright Like Comment and 7 others like this. It is a star. #yougottagetyourfactsstraight... 54 minutes ago Like 5 No the stars are in the sky 24 minutes ago Like Hahah gotta love the pauleys
By Unknown

You're Defiantly Wrong

australia sun - 6813025792
By Unknown

Philosophy FAIL

moon sun truth - 5169998080
By Guardling

Did Somebody Say Free Stuff?

pro tip trolling sun free stuff microwave failbook g rated - 8449776384
By Unknown
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